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Thursday, May 21, 2009


1 pack 0f 30s mini instant rice cube
(boil it until t cook, let it for a few hour, & cut into
a small cube about 1” x 1”)

for the ingredients:-

1 cup of dried chilli's
3 of red onions
3 of garlics
150g of dried shrimp
200g of beansprouts
200g of fat choy leaves

1. Mix all the chilli's, onions , garlics and dried shrimp
and blend until all going smooth. Don’t put a water
in your blender .
2. Heat a little oil into your pan, then put all the mixed
Ingredients into a pan, wait’s until it going smooth
and had a nice smell. stir it and add a little salt,
sugar and a little bit of sesame.

3. Then put all the rice cube in sauce and pour it until
all are mix well. Then put a fat choy leaves and the
beansprouts together and then stir it in 5 Min's.

4 And now you can eat it. Eat while it still hot.

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